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Most of them are probably just obnoxious dumbasses who like to throw naughty words around that bother other obnoxious dumbassess.

Because nothing was wrong with it to start with. Missionary sex naked. The only romance I've really enjoyed in that series was probably Liara. Warning - This message may contain content unsuitable for younger viewers. My point was that they look and speak like women. Mass effect 3 lesbian. I'm sure someone will claim I'm trolling.

Where peps like u and me can hangout and have fun. You might as well get upset at the polls on GameFAQs. It seems to me that coming out strong against homophobic complaints about Mass Effect is a simple way to paint the entire fanbase which is upset with their game as being bigots and irrational.

Now, the complaints are coming from people who aren't interested in buying copies of the game, and the "third and final" game has shipped Which is what makes this statement kind of refreshing and put a smile on my face. Not only because choice is always good in everything, but because I do believe that it's good for people even adults to be able to enjoy literature, film, games, music, and art of all varieties that incorporate things about them.

The mainstream press was the enemy, and we defended Bioware's creative drive with sharp tongues and heady righteousness. Lesbian girls facebook. As for me being arrogant,I simply wouldn't have changed anything. There are characters that are gay, in fact the gay guy seems to only exist to be the gay romance-able guy.

Give Shepard the opportunity to first turn the guy down, and then slowly come to terms with his feelings! It will also take some very clever writing to pull this off. After reading that it is still kind of vague: Commander Shepard and Cortez wake up together in Mass Effect 3.

No Ryder- or Shepard-sharing. The only one I know of is Traynor, if you aren't counting Liara. Notes optional; required for "Other": Also, the acid just kicked in and you all look like giraffes to me, therefore you really ARE giraffes!!! That people just don't throw left because someone on the other team decides they need some batting practice? Good on EA for defending the game. All manner of violence and shooting brown people in the face and strapping explosives to dogs?

I totally understand this Pov, and on the opposite, don't really get why all the female romances have deleted lines which suppose that Femshep could romance every single female romance option, while it wasn't the case for maleshep for example.

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I like that the option is there, because this is a game about choice, and that as time moved forward bioware began to add same-sex romance and has started to make them exclusive but I still won't play them and that means their is content I will never experience, they didn't have that option even back in KotOR, though I don't think they have same sex relationships in TOR online game either now that I think about it.

I don't like it because it's a smokescreen for their horrible business and PR practices elsewhere in the industry. Damian Follow Forum Posts: Skald Follow Forum Posts: Even when a man plays a game he can't just turn off his mindfor alot of guys this means that we just can't bring ourselves to tell another man we love them or think their cute, because we don't, even if we are playing with a female character. Maura tierney nude video. There is a mod by the user rondeeno for Mass Effect 1 on PC that is supposed to unlock and implement the cut dialogue for a female Shepard and Ashley, as well as for a male Shepard and Kaidan.

More topics from this board Now, the complaints are coming from people who aren't interested in buying copies of the game, and the "third and final" game has shipped However, it is generally highly recommended you do so, as playing the OT will greatly enhance your understanding of MEA. It just means there's no system for it so, sadly, it becomes gratuitous. Mass effect 3 lesbian. But come to think that wasn't so bad.

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I'm sure it's true. And I look forward to people telling me I'm reading too much into it! Years of god infused indoctrination and undiluted ignorance made sure of that. A gay romance between Alenko and Shepard is mostly there, with an awkward genderswapping sex scene and Kaidan forgetting your gender in some of his recorded dialog It's irrelevant because there have already been dozens of games with LGBT characters, and more recently relationships, since the s, including Bioware games.

As one of the tamer reader reviews states: Mine was more a ''You could do that but in reality Tali would just reject you'' kind of thing. I don't enjoy that. Amateur girlfriend fuck. Seems to me like that would be easier for them anyways.

Submit a new link. I would rather have an option saying I'm straight at the beginning of the gems to keep unintentional gay content out rather than have the gem keep trying to guess if I am. On a side note, I think the gay thing might have something to do with why EA got voted the worst company in the world recently. Arker Follow Forum Posts: Did the Mass Effect series get an epic scale? Liara is the closest we have for a canonical pairing based on her screentime, they really want us to pair with Liara so go for it.

Yet, they're trying to move out of that box, constantly. Not to say that some characters would have made sense in that regard.

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